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  • Please help. I’ve read and read these support columns and i just cant get it to happen for me. Here’s where I screwed up. I changed the URL incorrectly. Not feeling comfortable with the move, I attempted to change it back before logging out for the day. At this juncture I cannot log in or change my password. Ive attempted to access the site via FTP using Filezilla but it always comes back as Error: Critical error,Error: Could not connect to server. I would love to resolve this myself but Im 3 days in at this point and Im burnt out. I no longer have contact with the person who set the sight up initially and am not sure who’s hosting the site. Is there anyone out there who can take a look at this for me. I’ve read that it takes a few minutes if you know what youre doing. I guess I just dont know what I’m doing. Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanx. K

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  • Also of note: I have a plugin on the site which in theory should allow for multiple URLS as well as have the second website URL redirecting to the site from GoDaddy where it is currently “parked.” Without the redirect from GoDaddy turned on, it seems, in my opinion, that the site looks out of sorts with all info being displayed on the left of the screen in an obvious messed up way. Oh yeah, the site is and the second URL was Again any and all help would be great.

    Your ‘whois’ info shows that Bluehost is hosting your website. I think you’ll need to log in to cPanel (at ), then using phpMyAdmin – download the database (keep a backup copy!), then edit the database manually (find and replace) to set the correct URL.

    Not sure about the 2 domains though.

    There are a few ways to change your site URL back. Use any one of them.

    Thank you, I forgot about the other methods, they are probably easier to try first before manually editing the database.

    Going to the link provided by pinkishhue, i was directed to bluehost and entered my web address. I have no password because i didnt set up the sight, i initially paid to have it done and then over the years figured out how to do it myself and changed it. So, i tried to change the pw and was informed an email was sent out… probably to the guy who initially set his up because no email was sent to me. I dont have his contact info.
    As far as the info from fonglh, as i read down the options I dont see how any of that works in my case since i cant log into the site. Im very confused and i do appreciate the help but seems im still at a loss.

    If you contact Bluehost support they may be able to give you access, I’m guessing you must have been paying the bill over the years? If so you should be entitled, you might need to prove your ID though.

    You’re going to need access one way or another so you really will need to talk to the hosts or your old developer.

    Hope you can get it sorted.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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