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Changed themes and text will not display

  • I recently began using a new theme and the html code I typed in, which displays in the visual tab in the edit page section, does not display on the corresponding webpage.

    This worked fine with my original theme.

    Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions on what might be causing this and what I could do in order to mend this problem?

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    If you are typing in HTML code, you should be using the HTML tab – not the Visual Editor.

    I did use html code and I put it in the html section and none of that text displays on the page.



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    Did you switch back to the Visual tab at any point?

    If I switch back to the Visual tab, it shows me how things would be displayed if the html code were to be published. When I look at the page nothing is displayed. That’s why I’m really confused and I feel like I’ve looked everywhere to figure out the issue and I’m still coming up with nothing.

    Do you have the same problem if you switch back to your previous Theme?

    What was your previous Theme, and what Theme are you using now?

    I don’t have the same problem with the previous theme. The previous theme was the default, twentyten, if I remember right. This theme is a customized theme that was made specific for what I’m working with and is required. It’s called coffee4missions.

    So let’s try to diagnose:

    1) Using the Visual Editor: can you add text, publish, and have the text appear on the Post?

    2) Using the HTML Editor: can you add html and text, publish, and have the html/text appear on the Post?

    If you’re referring to the coffee4missions theme:

    I can edit it in the Visual and HTMl editor but it will not appear in the page whether i preview my changes or if i update it and view my wordpress page.

    I want to eliminate some potential issues first, so can you verify that you’re NOT switching between the Visual Editor and HTML Editor?

    That is: in the Visual Editor, edit the post content. Then, without switching to the HTML Editor, update/publish the Post.

    Do your edits appear?

    Repeat the process from within the HTML Editor: edit the post content. Then, without switching to the Visual Editor, update/publish the Post.

    Do your edits appear?

    I deleted all info, then I added the visual back in and updated it and viewed it and there was no text or even text boxes like before.

    I did the same for the HTML editor and it yielded the same result.

    What do you mean by “text boxes”?

    Also, are you saying that if you edit an existing post, all the previous content disappears?

    Perhaps I didn’t explain the problem correctly. If you create a page with wordpress there are certain default characteristics that the page has. Such as header, footer, font, etc. Some of these are defined in the theme of the pages.

    The only thing that appears on my page, no matter what is in the Visual or HTML, editor, is the header, footer, and sidebar.

    Sounds like a problem with your custom Theme.

    Can you verify if the Theme has a Loop? It will start with something like this, usually:

    if ( have_posts() ) : while ( have_posts() ) : the_post();

    Can you also verify that your Theme is outputting the Post content? Look for a call to the_content()

    In the index.php file of my theme I did find that exact code that you posted for verifying that the Theme has a Loop.

    I did not find a the_content() call in the index.php file but it is in a file called page.php

    Can you post a pastebin of your index.php file?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 33 total)
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