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  • When I initially uploaded WP I didn’t rename the folder as I should have so I ended up with the URL I asked on this forum how to change that to and was advised to start over and upload the files again with the right name. So I deleted the WP files from my root directory, uploaded with the folder renamed “blog,” and everything looks as it should if I look at the files on the server.

    But I confess I’m now lost. If I type in I get a non-descript page with a few links, including one bearing the name of my blog. But any that I click on takes me to a WP page saying “page not found,” showing the old path I don’t know how to get back to the point where I can pick a theme and start building my blog. What do I need to do now? Thanks for your help!

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  • change path back from /blog to /wordpress
    login to /wordpress
    change settings for url and site in setttings under the admin menu to /blog
    change path /wordpress to /blog
    login to /blog

    Really appreciate the feedback. Being a novice, could you explain a little more how I “change path from…”? Thanks!

    I am assuming you had installed to folder /wordpress first, then changed the folder name to /blog.

    Rename your folder from blog to wordpress.

    go to site/wordpress in browser

    Then attempt to login, if ok, then go to Settings and change your two URLs you see there so that they point to your “new” site address i.e. one ending with /blog.

    Click save, you will get white page.

    Then go sitename/blog in browser

    and login should be ok

    You cannot login / change path if you already moved the wordpress pack. You end up with an endless cycle of errors. Probably the path is stored somewhere in config or other settings.

    I changed the name of my blog subdirectory folder and uploaded it, then tried changing the settings in my WP admin panel and keep getting the database error. Then I go to blog folder/wp-admin/install.php and get the database connection error.

    The blog is there…I just need to know the WP file(s) that need the file path modified.

    Now it won’t let me access my admin panel using the original folder name either? WTF? I haven’t changed anything yet because it wouldn’t let me?

    Do I need to create a new wp-config.php?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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