• At some point in the last 24 hours, the plugin was updated without my knowledge resulting in a broken website. I have not enabled the auto update for this plugin, as I don’t any of that I use. I am in the site on a daily basis and manually update things as needed. This is the reason for it. It took me a while to figure out the problem was your update.

    You took away the ability to select which directories would be changed to my cdn. And, when I use the hostname, which is an amazon couldfront url, it results in a message:

    “Invalid CDN Hostname: assets.aroundfortwayne.com returned a 403 status code.”

    That issue is resolved by unfortunately deactivating your plugin.

    You need to give a warning when drastically changing your plugin like that – especially if you’re going to ignore auto update settings.

    Very disappointed after using this plugin for years. I have been considering purchasing the paid version, but if this is the way you operate, no thanks.

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    Thank you for sharing your feedback. First off, as the developer I do apologize that you experienced this issue. However, please note that we don’t choose whether a plugin is automatically updated. That is defined by the WordPress admin. Unfortunately I don’t have enough information to know what occurred in your case, but if you want any assistance with troubleshooting this issue please open a support thread. After all that is what the support forums are meant for. It’s very helpful for us as we don’t want anyone experiencing any issues.

    Yes, going from version 1.0.9 to 2.0.0 means there will be some big changes. One of those was to remove the Included Directories setting. This was done to simplify using the CDN Enabler plugin. In most cases this setting was just the default anyway, which means an unnecessary choice was given to most of the users, and on the other side users that actually had to change this would get confused with configuring it (e.g. subdirectory installation or custom directory names). This also eliminated having to use a path in some cases in the old CDN URL setting. This means in version 2.0.0 we’re focusing on rewriting any file that has an included file extension. If certain files should be excluded from the rewrite they still can. The old version will live on for forever, which means it’s still available for use.

    As far as the error message you received, that would only occur if you optionally validated the configuration by clicking “Save Changes and Validate Configuration”. This is just a helpful tool to try and prevent CDN Enabler from rewriting URLs with a hostname that isn’t working correctly. It’s a new validation tool that makes a test request, so it may need to be improved upon in time as we receive feedback, which is why there is also just a “Save Changes” button that doesn’t perform this validation if needed.

    CDN Enabler is a free plugin and doesn’t offer a paid version.

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