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[Resolved] changed server and now all posts are 404

  • The two urls in the setting panel had been changed just to move the files to the new home. Could just point them back? Do you know what php file the url info would live in? I was thinking I could go via ftp and just update the info with a text editor.

    I am having trouble moving files and now trouble getting to the original files on my server. But the urls for the login are pointing to http://interbiznet.com/wordpress/…. That will be it’s final home but for now I need accesses at http://sowinteraction.com/playpen_private/wp-admin. The site was built and everything lives on this server. How do I get interbiznet out of my the equation? Because of this I can not log in and change it via the admin panel.

    Thank you for your help. It is many hours of work I am trying to save-and a client!

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  • You can manually update the home and site URL by adding the following to your config.php to recoup your ability to update everything in the proper dashboard.


    As for the migration, I’d make sure you follow this document very carefully: http://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_WordPress

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