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  • Whatever that warning was trying to tell you, it sure was serious about it. Look in your source code. All of your URLs now look like this:

    You might want to check in with your host and see if they have any advice for a quick-fix.

    Yes, that is the URL that i used to sign up with wordpress. Thats my wordpress url and my site url is just

    ..And that’s the problem (for starters). It should not be in the URL on your live site.

    Your files are in root. Example:

    All of your URLs in the source code should be your domain + wordpress directory/file.


    should not be present in the URLs in your Dashboard > General settings on your live site.

    This brings up the login as it should:, however the link that says “Back to The Levamentum Project” has an invalid address. Is not a valid domain.

    The source code located here:

    …contains some obvious issues, relative to what you want your wordpress url/location to be.

    Any ideas on where you might start looking first if you appear to have erroneous or conflicting URL’s in your source code?

    After lots of research i noticed that the host changed my url from .php53-23 to .php53-13

    So I went in and manually changed my URL via the functions.php and can now log in to the wp admin.

    I changed my home URL and site URL to what i thought was the proper info, and then checked my site and the home page popped up. I then couldnt use any of the other pages on my site. I figured that their page urls were also different now so i tried to go in to my wp admin and change them, but when i click on the “pages” button i recieve this error

    Server error
    The website encountered an error while retrieving It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.
    Here are some suggestions:
    Reload this webpage later.
    HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request.

    Now im a whole bundle of lost….

    Also, the .php53-13 link, is what i have been using for almost a year, as that is what was used to wordpress on my site (host installed for me).

    When I type in it takes me to the .php53-13 log in link.

    Also, the .php53-13 link, is what i have been using for almost a year, as that is what was used to wordpress on my site (host installed for me).

    It never should have been permanent. Sounds to me like you’ve always had the testing url for your site in your address. That can happen when WordPress gets installed with a test url before your domain name actually has a chance to point to your web space, and then doesn’t get corrected once it does.

    Your site url should simply be “”. The rest of that string shouldn’t be there.

    How can I fix this? just change the home URL to thelevamentumproject? the same way i had changed things before?
    or are there some hoops i have to jump through to do so?

    At the risk of advising you to do something that may make things worse before it makes them better, the wisest thing to do at this point might be to open a support ticket with Laughing Squid explaining what you’re seeing in your URL’s, and then have them either confirm that it’s the test url, or offer some other explanation for it’s presence. ( This is pretty compelling evidence, however: “” )

    I suspect after that, in order to repair it, the addresses in your dashboard and all of the references in the database will have to be changed. I advise you not to attempt this without discussing it with your support group first.

    As always, make sure you have complete file and database backups in your possession before undertaking any major changes.

    I had attempted to see if i could simply change the URLs manually (because i was an idiot and didnt wait for your next message).

    Now my URLS are set to just thelevamentumproject. and i can still log into the dash and such, but the site still isnt coming normally, nor can i make any changes to the posts/pages/etc.

    I did file a support with them about the original problem of not being able to log in, and i am going to update the ticket about the current problem.

    Is there anything else i can try to do at this point?

    If it were me, I would wait for a reply from support before doing anything else.

    Recieved info from my host, apparently a plug in from woocommerce was causing the PHP to be blocked, reading it as though it was turned off, which turned my site off. She moved the plug in and now everything works!

    Thanks for all your help!

    Glad you sorted it out!

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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