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  • I have a prophoto4 wordpress blog with over 50 posts and 10 pages. Lots of pictures.

    I’ve just changed my permalinks to /%postname%/ and my entire site has crashed. I can navigate around my dashboard and back-end but can’t access posts or pages. I go back to settings -> permalinks and the page is blank.

    Help! At this point I’d be happy to restore the settings to what they were if it means the site will work!

    I’m not very techy, so help in lay mans terms would be much appreciated.

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  • My version of wordpress is actually 3.2.1

    A) Clear your browser cache and cookies.

    B) login and navigate directly to yoursite/wp-admin/options-permalink.php.

    Permalinks should have no affect on admin pages.

    C) Change the permalink setting back to what it was.

    D) Verify your theme works with permalinks, all your plugins will, that your web host has a proper rewrite module running on your web server and additionally that wordpress can write to the .htaccess file (or web.config if IIS7).

    When you change this setting some lines are added to these files called rewrite rules.

    when I navigate to yoursite/wp-admin/options-permalink.php. the page appears blank so I can’t make any modifications.

    Have refreshed your browser after removing all browser(s) cache and cookies?

    Yes. When I navigate to yoursite/wp-admin/options-permalink.php I can see the main part of the page – where the settings are is blank – I can see everything else though.

    You mean the text box is empty where you put /%postname%/ ??

    No, it’s not there. The page is completely blank. The left hand menu is there, ie Dashboard, Posts, Settings etc, but the main part of the page, where the settings should be is completely and utterly blank. Is there anyway to post a screen grab here?

    Changing the permalinks should not affect navigation to admin pages – did you also change your host or ip address at this time?

    The admin navigation hasn’t been effected – I can still navigate to admin areas.

    All I have changed is the permalinks format.

    I think this has been over complicated!

    Basically, I changed the permalinks format and now my site has crashed. I cannot access yoursite/wp-admin/options-permalink.php because the page is blank.

    I can access access other admin areas but not my posts or pages.

    Anyone? Help!

    Actually Rik. it’s not…It is in my experience a local browser issue. It may also be a DNS issue….cmd>ipconfig>flushdns…

    If not that try this…deactivate all plugins, switch to latest default theme. Re-clear browser(s)…same issue?

    Hi Rik
    I had similar issues a few months back see….

    ….end solution from post to save you time and trouble it may help.

    “…I’ll pass along what got my blank pages, posts and permalinks working again. I was trying to use just /%postname%/ as the permalink structure but when I did the whole Permalink Settings page went blank, along with my website. Then after noodling around I did the following and it worked:
    1) Went to phpmyadmin and deleted /%postname%/ from permalink_structure in wp_options. (This brought back my Permalink Settings page in WP)
    2) Set Permalink Structure to Month and name.
    3) Used Custom Permalinks plugin to set my posts link structure.”


    I tried the above, et voilá has re- emerged


    Where do I find phpmyadmin? Forgive my ignorance, I’m still getting up to speed with WP.

    I’ve done it!

    I can’t thank you enough arch1!! Brilliant.

    thank u soooooo much arch1

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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