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    It must be something simple but i can figure it out.
    I created a network with one site being english
    then i created a site with other domain and related them

    i can now choose to translate the posts and pages

    however if i now visit the base site the menu liks to the other domain site

    i expected to be able to choose the language per site and maybe automaticly redirect but now the sites are unusable ((

    It would be also great if we could copy a site to a new site (wpmudev has such a plugin) and then translate

    that way if we setup relations the menu and structure would already be there

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    I don’t understand. Multilingual Press doesn’t touch menus. Or are you talking about the built-in widget? Both posts, original and translated, must be public, and both sites need an assigned language to enable correct links in the widget.

    Duplicating a site, reconnecting posts and automatic redirection are features of Multilingual Press Pro.

    Hi and thanks for the quick response

    it seemed to be a caching error for as far as i can see, but its solved now

    So.. if i buy the pro version i could copy a site to another for translation?


    For now i use wpmudev cloning plugin so i guess thats almost the same.
    Still being able to edit pages and posts from one interface seems atractive

    Plugin Author Fuxia


    Yes, when you create a new blog, you get a dropdown field to use another blog as a template. Everything will be copied then: settings, active theme, plugins, widgets, user roles/capabilities and even attachments. This a one-click setting. Less options than the WPMU plugin, faster result.


    The visual editor in the pro version works right from the draft page, no Translate this post checkbox has to be clicked. 🙂

    So itried to work with your plugin.

    what happend

    i copied domain1 to domain2 and created relations
    edit a page and choose to translate
    see the translation concept and edit that

    as content is also copied there is a conflict in naming as the concept is new and the original page exists. I would expect the plugin to understand or compare pages and posts to set relations itself

    now menu´s dont work and we have a lot of extra content we wont use

    so we will have to delete content and rewrite manu`s

    how do u deal with that? as for now i dont really see why this is handy

    i mean creating a copy can be done by other plugins and if u have to edit all content en menu´s ayway, what does the plugin solve except the ability to see that there is a concept on domain2?

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    I’m not sure if understand that correctly. All content is duplicated. You can change the relationships per the Change relationship button under each translation editor. Multilingual Press cannot detect potential relationships automatically, that would be a little bit too dangerous.

    what i meant:

    i copied site a to site b
    setup relations in settings

    then go to site 1 and edit a page, at the buttom choose translate

    the plugin then creates a draft of the article on site 1 at site 2

    but that content was already there in the language of site 1 so it names it different and menu´s point to wrong page

    Does that make sense? I must have forgotten something

    Plugin Author Fuxia


    The Copy blog feature is available in our pro version only. If you have that, you can edit translations without clicking the checkbox Translate this post, and there is a button to change the relationships.

    If you have used another plugin to copy the blog, these options are not available in the free version.

    ok thanks so i need to go pro ))

    i just found out that wpml can also do seperate domains for seperate languages so ill check that out, compare features and pricing

    thanks so much

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