Changed link structure and redirects from social media aren't working (3 posts)

  1. montymcmahon
    Posted 2 years ago #

    We have a site - http://musialmarketing.com/ - and the hosting provider changed the link structure. The old structure included the date. The new structure is just the title.

    The automatic redirects work fine in natural search engine results, but they don't work from the company social media accounts.

    Those links still include the date in the link structure and pull up a 404 error page on the site.

    You can see an example if you click on the link to the blog post on this LinkedIn page: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/New-Blog-Post-Social-Media-1786238.S.235202012

    This appears to be the case on every one of the company's social media accounts.

    So, two questions. Why aren't these links automatically redirecting like the ones in the search results?

    And if we change the link structure back to /date/title, will that solve the problem? We'd prefer to keep them as just /title/, but not if we're going to lose all of those social media links.

  2. OriginalEXE
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi there,

    it all depends on how was the redirection set up. Things would get fixed if you revert back to original permalinks structure though, but it's worth investigating.

  3. montymcmahon
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Well, that's good to know.

    I checked another site where I changed the URL structure from /string of numbers/ to /title/. This post to Twitter was before I changed it, and it seems to be redirecting fine: https://twitter.com/its_about_blank/status/361814123425701888.

    Assuming regardless of whether you're changing it from /string/ to /title/ or /date/title/ to /title/ WordPress does the same thing - automatically redirects - I assume it has to be either the shortened URL in use or a plugin on the site itself that's causing the problem.

    Does anyone know if different URL shorteners behave differently in this case? The first site is using ow.ly. The second, dlvr.it.

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