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  1. jamievandalen
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Quick backstory.
    Used ISP who didnt block or filter anything.
    Bought domain name, and administer it through http://www.zonedit.com
    Zonedit.com redirects my http://www.name.com to my home IP address. All worked perfectly.

    PS: I tried to update the url/weblog urls to the most basic redirection, and get a "must enable referrers" error. I get this when trying to adjust anythign on my site in IE.
    Switched ISPs. This one blocks port 80. So, i changed my server to port :8830. Reconfigured zonedit to point to there. MOST things worked out ok.

    I can no longer post comments to blog posts. I click 'submit' and the screen browser goes to a white page, and nothing is posted.

    Due to the blocking of port 80, ive had to do some re-direction to have my www work. Im assuming this is my problem. www2.mydomain.com is pointing to my IP address. I then have a forward of http://www.mydomain.com to www2.mydomain.com:8830.

    Im assuming i need to change the two lines in my configuration for the blog url, and wordpress url, but am not sure if i should put in
    or what. I dont want to change the addresses, as ive read some people have been locked out of their wordpress after making the change.

    Please, help me out. What do i need to do to get my comments, and other such things to work again

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