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  • Hello all, I’ve recently changed my wordpress host from my own to I’m using bluehost’s temporary url they give me until I feel my site is ready at which point I will change the DNS servers on my domain name to bluehost’s DNS servers and then should be set. However I’m having a major problem. I have my front page looking normal, however when I click a link or go into the admin page. I’m linked pack to my old site. No matter what I do any click will redirected me back to my old site. This is my church website and I’m trying desperately to get it working soon. I did a fresh WP install on the new site and transfered my plugins,themes, and copied the phpadmin stuff from my old website into this new one. I’m not sure if the problem lies inside the old phpmyadmin stuff but without that, I’ll have an empty template with nothing. Can anyone give me some help?

    Here is the websites.

    New temp url website:
    Old Website:

    Thank you and I can’t wait to hear from some advice. Please keep it slow and clear, I’m a newbie at this. Thanks

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  • You need to change the dns servers at your domain host to point to bluehost…all your links are to that domain name and it’s still resolving to your old host.

    Also, it looks like your old site was in a subdirectory called “wordpress” and you new site is in root…you’ll need to make that url change in the db.

    So i go to my old domain(godaddy) and put in the bluehost name servers also? Even tho my old domain wont be using bluehost? My new domain doesn’t have the blue host name servers in yet. Yes my old website was in the subdirectory wordpress, the new site is in root. Which db file would I need to edit to fix that?

    This is what my pastor emailed me after i told him the problem.

    As we are waiting, is it possible for the domain name to forward to our ning site still? If not it’s ok. If so, it buys us more time.

    I simply wanted to go ahead and move our info over so we could upload info without having to move it again. Hope this is not a prob.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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