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  • OrchidRed


    I recently bought a new domain name and would like to use it for my WP blog by parking the domain in a subfolder on my current host. I’m 50% there. The new domain name points to the folder where WP is installed, but because the WP folder now needs to function as a subdomain I have to update the WP domain info somewhere. Anyone know I can do this? I don’t need to move any of the WP files, I just need them to work from instead of

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  • vkaryl


    Maybe in the admin section under Options/General Options?

    Moderator James Huff


    Look in Options/General.

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    That did it. Thanks vkaryl and macmanx 🙂

    I just bought a domain name for my blog and tried to update it in WP but now all of my posts are going to an error 404 page if you try to comment or visit the permalink page. The “Pages” are working, but everything else isnt. Check it out:

    The subdomain:
    The new name:

    Did I do something wrong? I used this method before when updating my photoblog. I just updated the url in the Options menu. Please help!

    Also, one more thing, in case this info helps:

    When you click on the post permalink WP will send you to, for example:
    and that returns an Error 404. But if you replace the part with it works.

    I logged into my FTP program and there isn’t an archive folder… so I’m just completely confused about where WP is sending people?

    Nevermind, I fixed it! I had to delete the archives structure in the “Permalink” section and leave it blank. Don’t know why, but it worked.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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