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  • Without specifics, it’s hard to say. I took a look at and nothing seems horribly broken (although that doesn’t mean that what I’m seeing is what you’re expecting).

    Could you explain specifically what isn’t appearing the way you expect?

    Visit the homepage, the listings for example show their full content, when only a excerpt should be shown. When I click on a category, (i.e. Food & Entertainment) it goes to the correct link, but nothing appears. If you click “terms” at the top of the page, it shows the text but there is no formatting… Thanks for taking a look Aaron.

    Thanks for the specifics. There are some weird things when I view the source on those pages. In addition to the things you note, I noticed that clicking the “Contact” link at the top leads to a completely blank page.

    When you say you “changed your domain name” – exactly what did you do?

    My server is HostGator. I asked them if I could switch my domain name (not server). They said it wouldn’t be a problem and all of the content will remain the same. These were the results.

    I might end up starting from scratch again.

    Perhaps resetting your permalinks should solve the problem. Or go to the chat support of HostGator, if you did what they advised.

    Aaron Hockley has rightly identified some your problems.

    @aaron Hockley, will you please see his links list? Some are having www in them some do not have it. I think they are set in a weird way. Maybe, what I think can be wrong!

    I’m skeptical of what HostGator did (or didn’t do).

    The full post vs. excerpt thing could be a problem with the theme or with a plugin – neither of which should’ve been affected if they only thing that was done was changing the domain name.

    I can’t say what’s going on with the completely blank white page when accessing the Contact page, but that’s often a symptom of a badly behaving plugin. Again, this is something that shouldn’t have been affected by a domain name change.

    The problem is not as in the opening para. In fact you can see many more errors. For instance, look at the errors listed HERE.

    A simple test will be to switch back to the default theme after deactivating all plugins.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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