• Hello – I edited my header.php and expected this changed file to show up in the Sucuri Dashboard as a modified WordPress core file. But, it is not listed – 12 hours later. I hit Clear Cache (Firewall WAF) & refresh malware scan.

    I also made a backup of the .htaccess and that new file IS listed in Dashboard / WordPress Integrity.

    Why isn’t the header.php also listed there? It appears that new files are listed but not changed core files. Can Sucuri be configured to also list changed core files?

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  • @susanprice Hi, the Sucuri plugin dashboard only scans the core WordPress files and the root directory (not recursively), so content inside wp-content isn’t going to be listed in that area. This is why the modification to the .htaccess file was detected but not the modification to a theme file.

    If you have WAF enabled, then you can contact Sucuri and ask them to enable the server side scanner which will pick up changes in any of your website directories and alert you (you should also be able to do this on your own within your Sucuri account)

    Hope this helps!

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