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  • It used to be that if I was looking at an archive or post and wanted to change something on an excerpt, I could click on “edit this post” make the changes, hit “save” and be returned to the archive or post to see if the changes looked good.

    Now when I’m editing a post I hit save and stay on the editing page. So I’m forced to click again to view the post. That’s a pain.

    When I’m editing from an archive page it’s worse: I click save and my only option is to view the post. I have to click to view the post and then navigate to the archive so that I can see if the changes look OK. That’s a real pain and wastes a lot of time.

    This is not an improvement in my view. Staying on the edit page is fine when you start editing from the admin area, but when you start on the publishes site that’s generally where you want to end up.

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  • poodlerat


    I agree. I hate this new behaviour. There needs to be a profile setting to turn the old behaviour back on again.

    (Does anyone know of a plugin that does this?)

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