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    I changed our banner ad atop our page by simply pasting the image html over the previous one. I’ve done it several times before, but now the header is blank, except for the main header image, which is our company logo. It also made another icon that used to sit to the right of the header image disappear. I double checked and everything is still entered correctly. The two images that should ordinarily be next to the header logo don’t show up.

    I did initially upload the wrong size banner (since that’s the size I was sent, which had never happened before), but then, once realizing it was too large, cropped the banner on an image editor then uploaded it fresh again.

    See what I mean at

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  • You could check is there is a syntax error.

    Below is the more conventional way..
    First make a back-up of your site!

    Add the following code to the style.css of your childtheme.

    .header-image #title-area, .header-image #title-area #title, .header-image #title-area #title a {
       background-image:url('example.jpg');/*give name and path of image*/
       margin-right:30px; /*change as required*/

    If you don’t see the image, make sure the path is correct!!!

    There aren’t any syntax errors that I can see. I’m simply trying to add a new image using a text widget in the child theme Header Center Widget area, which I’ve done a hundred times before. I’m not a coder in the slightest. I only know a few basic html codes.

    I removed the default header image and reset the main image back to blank, though the response time to see the result has been slow, but that still doesn’t allow me to add any images where I used to be able to. I’ve re-uploaded the image several times to no avail.

    Ever since I mistakenly uploaded that picture that was too big, it’s not worked right.

    Adding ‘a new header-image using a text widget’, I think is very unusual.

    what theme are you using?

    It’s the Child News theme, latest version. It has specified areas to ad images, text and such in the left, center, or right header area, much like you would do in the the ‘primary sidebar’ or ‘footer’ areas. I just drag the text widget into that area and code it accordingly. Keep in mind, it’s not the main header image I’m trying to change. That icon has always been kept the same in the header settings–and until this issue have never manipulated it. These are just additional images to the right of the “Utah Stories” logo you’ll see in the upper-left-hand corner of the page. It’s always worked just fine for the last couple years or so since converting our site to a WP format.

    I do appreciate your help.

    I don’t know if this helps any, but we checked the html coding for the entire site (*right click* > view page source), and for some reason, the all of the coding for header widget area sections (left, center, right) has vanished! Something happened that they’re no longer registering.

    Is there maybe like a reset button? Or will we have to go through and fix this manually?



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    Where did you download this theme from?

    I believe it was downloaded from Genesis.



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    I’m sorry but as Genesis is a commercial theme/framework, you need to seek support from the theme’s developer/vendor. We do not support commercial themes here.

    Okay great! Thank you for the direction.

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