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  • Hi everyone,

    I’m hosting my WordPress blog with GoDaddy. Seem like they set the default URL without www. So I added www to URL in WordPress dashboard. It looks pretty well, unless:

    1. It slower loading time when put, since it redirect from www> without www> www. I have to contact GoDaddy in this case, right?

    2.I can’t access /wp-admin without www, and some plugins don’t work without www too.

    I’m worry about other unnoticed breach that effect my website. Every reply and suggestion is appreciated.

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  • This is quite the coincidence. I was looking into switching to this theme.

    I also found out that my website won’t work w.o putting www. in front of it.

    I suppose we have to make a re-direct somehow

    would a appreciate any suggestion as well ^_^

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    I contacted GoDaddy support. It really helps me decide what to do, change the hosting provider.
    Their support just keep telling me to change the URL in WordPress dashboard, which make no sense. I want to use www, but there’s “something” in the middle of the route. I asked him if I have to look at DNS or .htaccess files. He just keep mentioning the URL in WordPress dashboard.

    Dude, perhaps he is right, apparently the url in the WordPress dashboard is not allowed to have any uppercase letter.

    This solved the issue for me :S. I can’t believe this wasn’t explicity mentioned somewhere lol.

    So the adress, might be right, make sure the word uses only lowercase letters. I use siteground btw as host. They are allright, good service etc, but I have a suspicion regarding the uptime, they claim its 99,99% but a lot of the time my site is not loading -_-

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    Not in my case, I added www which is allowed (even change to https). So there’s nothing to do with the URL in dashboard at all.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I decided to move to HostGator after this. I don’t want to rant on this forum, but GoDaddy support closed the chat suddenly after he couldn’t resolve my concerns.

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