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  • Hi
    I am looking to do the same thing, did you figure it out?

    I know it probably involves adding a Hook in the functions.php in the theme but can’t seem to figure out the right code… anyone??

    If you are still looking for a way to do this, you can do it with Localization. See how to do localization at

    In my case, I wanted to change all variations of the word “ship” to the equivalent variation of “deliver” throughout the plugin, both frontend and backend. I’m based in the U.S., and so is my client and all of their customers, so I used the CodeStyling Localization plugin described in the link to create an English/United States localization file for the WooCommerce plugin and made the substitutions there. Since that is the default locale for my client’s website, all the translations were done without having to change the base locale (which can be done in wp-config.php if necessary) and without having to change or override any of the WooCommerce code files.

    If you want me to send you the resulting localization files, let me know.

    So I tried localization and it seemed very dodgy. After alot of sniffing around I managed to figure this one out.

    This is what you do:

    FTP onto your site. Go to your woocommerce plugin folder (/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/). You can do this however you like but what I did was:

    Download all of the contents. Search the files for the wording you wish to change. Make the changes. Save. Reupload.

    Dont change words_with_underscores! These are not visible but used as variables and such. Dont do mass changes otherwise you will struggle to find any variables you may have changed if something breaks! May revert after updates so try figure something out there.

    They will be wrapped in <p> tags If I remember correctly.

    I hope this helps.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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