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    I am using the F2 theme and need to embed an iframe with a property-search IDX on a single page, removing the sidebars and widening the main column. I have figured out how to remove the sidebars for the page using a conditional statement and the page id, but I’m banging my head against the wall trying to figure out how to widen the column to fit the iframe. I really appreciate any help!

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  • Here is the page link:

    That was strange, the link was blanked out. I’ll try again…

    dsbacon, I think this route is easier:

    but, upon refreshing your site I see you already managed.

    Thanks henkholland! I went down that road but was not able to make it work. The theme developer generously sent me a solution. It turned out to be quite easy. Here it is for anyone else who may stumble across this post.

    First remove the sidebar call for the particular page at the bottom of page.php, as detailed in this post:

    After that, make the following change to functions.php:

    On line 438, you’ll find code

    if($sidebar_r == ‘off’)

    replace it with

    if($sidebar_r == ‘off’ || is_page(57))

    Similarly replace line 452 with

    if($sidebar_l == ‘off’ || is_page(57))

    That’s it!




    This solution still doesn’t work for me. My sidebars are still overlapping the one page. Could someone please advise?





    Eventually this solution solved my problem. There is only one thing you should consider. In the example, the page id number is mentioned. At first I changed this id number to the page title:
    if($sidebar_r == ‘off’ || is_page(shop))
    This doesn’t solve the problem, you MUST use the page id number in the functions.php and MUST NOT use the page name.
    With the assistance of the theme developer we found that out.
    Now my page looks like this and I am satisfied:

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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