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[Resolved] Change whole sub-website to parent and vice versa in Multisite Theme

  • jampacked.kreativ


    Hey Guys,
    I have googled a lot – trust me – a lot. I coudn’t figure it out. I am sure you can help me in this situation.

    So the layout:
    I have 1 Multisite named ABC.com. Under this I have 2 sub-sites named firstchild.abc.com and secondchild.abc.com.

    Now for some reason i dont want people to see abc.com. I have already url forwarded the abc.com to firstchild.abc.com but the problem is I don’t want to let people see where they are i.e. firstchild.abc.com.

    So in short I want my child to become main landing for abc.com – > but i dont select apperance->themes, because it will take lots of effots to install and configure plugins and everything.

    can anyone help me out???? I know someone there can 🙂

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  • Do you not want them to see the URL, or do you just want to move firstchild to be the main site at abc.com?

    You can’t hide the URL, but you can swap the sites.

    I have directions on how to do that in http://halfelf.org/ebooks/wordpress-multisite-110

    (Disclosure: It’s a pay-what-you-will ebook)



    Hi Mike.

    thanks for replying fast. i want (first or any) child to be the main.
    I wat this because I dont want all that widgets and settings and plugins to reenable and reedit.

    Okay. IF you want firstchild.abc.com to become abc.com, then the ebook has how to.

    If not, then I’m not sure what you’re asking 🙂



    Hey Ipstenu.

    I tried everything. changing current_id of website and blog_id – and in my case specially I dint see any change using this. I tried changing Sites you told by going to edit sites – I changed that and it was done. I became happy. Then I checked my websites. Parent was still there, child was still there as it is? then what I have done following you???

    I then tried checking the admin panel and wtf I lost access to it. I spent an hour tweaking everything nothing then I had to go in wp-config and then i changed ( ‘DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE’, ) to the child one then I got access to sites. wheewwww!

    I dont want to change posts and pages and menus and plugins and all.

    See, what I want is :

    Remember, I want posts to be moved along liek whatever the posts were in subsite – should be carried with main when sub becomes main.


    The directions I put in the ebook work. You have to do them VERY carefully and in the order I laid out, but it does work.

    That will make mainsite.com become subsite.mainsite.com and subsite.mainsite.com (original) become mainsite.com



    it doesnt work at all.

    You know, and please try to be more illustrative there. you dint describe as it should be and any one could destroy their website if following you. I appreciate you have devoted time but it dint work for me and moreover I was about to ruin my website. See, this is what i wanted and manually imp[orting and exporting did work for me not your method.

    site is : kamilla(reid.com – remove brackets.
    subsite was joye(nro)ute.kamilla(reid.com – remove brackets.

    i did it manually.

    Can you help me still? i did but for the people who will search ame topic must be served…

    I’ve done it a dozen times. I even put in pretty pictures to show you -exactly- what you were doing. Many people have followed those straightforward directions without issue. I’m sorry you had a problem, but I can promise you, I just went through it again on a test site and it works.

    Of course you can export/import your site, however when you do that, you lose your widget and theme settings. Which is the only reason I provided those directions in the first place.

    And it goes without saying: Any time you’re making big changes to your site, make a backup first. (If you’re at the point where you’re messing with Multisite, this should be second nature to you. Backup, then make changes).

    Look either you’re doing something way wrong, or your not explaining what you WANT, because both my directions (page 80 on WordPress Multisite 110) and the export/import work.

    Step back.

    What do you WANT?

    I’m assuming you want joye(nro)ute.kamilla(reid.com to become kamilla(reid.com

    If so it really is this simple.

    1) Edit from Network Admin -> Edits, and change it to kamilla(reid.com
    2) Edit your wp-config.php to have define('BLOG_ID_CURRENT_SITE', 1); changed to joyenroute’s site ID.
    3) Edit from Network Admin -> Edit Sites, and change the original kamilla(reid.com to anything.kamilla(reid.com

    Three steps.

    Do ’em in order and that’s it.

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