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  • I use a plugin (Store Locator v1.2.39.3) that is no longer supported by the author. Natively, the plugin only allows “Administrator” access to the plugin’s settings panels. I would like to allow the “Editor” role access to this plugin.

    I’ve looked through all of the php related files and don’t see anything obvious that sets the access level for the plugin screens. Can anyone give me a hint as to where or how the access level for the plugin would typically be set?

    PS: I tried fooling around with “add_action(‘admin_menu’)”, but I understand that the role parameter is deprecated. I’m not a plugin developer, so I’m just trying to hack my way through this. Any help would be much appreciated.

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  • Hi frankdreda,

    I was glad to read your post tonight as I have the same need. I am webmaster for a music artist who needs to login and manage orders with the Dukapress plugin, but currently that plugin can only be managed by the Administrator. I would like to adjust the settings so that other User Roles may access the features related to this plugin (such as the Dukapress Order Log) without having access to the rest of the WordPress site settings.

    Did you find a resolve for your issue? If so, I would love to hear from you. Thanks!!! 🙂


    I have this same issue, except I’m using a plugin that let’s ANY role edit its settings and I need to restrict it to only admin. Any update on how to edit a plugin’s access level?

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