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  • Long-standing issue that I’ve tried and failed at more than once. My primary domain is which is one of two sites in multisite. The other is I simply want that when people get to my non-primary site the name shows up as the url instead of I have purchased the domain name ( and will point it to the site. I just want the name to look correct in the browser.

    Everytime i try to resolve this i am led to the Codex instruction on moving a multisite which confuses me because I’m not trying to move any files. All i want is to change what customers see when they get to my webpage. I checked my bluehost and files for persuasion are not even in my public html so i don’t know how that happened. So i can’t do anything with the configuration that i can tell.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I have purchased the domain name ( and will point it to the site. I just want the name to look correct in the browser.

    So you mean you haven’t pointed it yet?

    You need to first point to, then add the former in the Multisite Network settings.

    After this, all references to will change to

    But, seriously, as you’ve probably observed yourself, managing a Multisite network can be daunting, with many common plugins not working very well or at all. With just two sites, I would just make to separate installations of WordPress on each domain, rather than struggle with Multisite.

    I wouldn’t mind doing a separate install but when I try through bluehost it keeps trying to assign the new install to my original site and says it’s already taken. Are you saying to purchase a completely new bluehost account? it’s kind of expensive so i’d rather not do that.

    If you’re on Bluehost’s BASIC plan, you can have only one site. For all other plans, they claim you can have “unlimited” sites using cPanel’s ADD-ON DOMAIN feature. So, unless you’re on the BASIC plan, you should be able to host a second domain within one account.

    If you can’t get this account feature to work, I suggest you contact your host, Bluehost, as they’re the only ones who can help with account-related issues.

    If you’d still like to go the Multisite approach, you need to do the domain mapping as I mentioned earlier. There are a couple ways to do this, and perhaps the simplest for you would be as follows:

    1. Login to the DNS management tool for (at OMNIS) and change the nameservers from OMNIS’ to BLUEHOST’s nameservers.
    2. In Bluehost, add as a PARKED DOMAIN in cPanel. This feature is available for all Bluehost plans.
    3. After this, test to confirm that visiting should forward you to (Note: it may take a couple of hours for this to work).

    4. Finally, login to WordPress and set as the PRIMARY DOMAIN for

    Okay it appears I have the basic site so the decision is made for me since i don’t plan to upgrade right now. :-). Thank you for the instruction, I will try this tonight.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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