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  • Good Day All,

    This plugin is working flawlessly save for one thing. I have a requirement to change the upload folder to above the root of the site.

    I have dozens of WordPress microsites, so the file upload form might be at, and as such it will want to write files to

    Now, I can change the name of “somefolder” above. I can change it to the date, or a random, but what I need to do is totally change the PATH of the upload folder, in this case all the way up to

    Is there some global variable I can set to change this path? I could version 999 the plugin and hard code it, but I’d prefer to leave the plugin the ability to update if at all possible given file upload scripts are likely to be updated a lot due to zero day vulnerabilities. And I could write a server level chron script to scrape the various different file upload locations and copy them, but that would also require a higher level of effort than I’d prefer.

    Thanks all, great plugin!!!

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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