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  • Since I began my blog in 2002 I ordered all my content (images etc) in monthly folders like 200908, 200908, 200910 inside a folder called /archives, like this:

    Now I would like to use the upload functionality within WP instead of manually uploading and linking all my images, but keeping my old structure. How can I do that?

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  • Hi,

    Assign 766 recursive permissions to wp-content and set the custom settings from the miscellaneous settings. Refer this article:


    Shane G.

    That’s not exactly what I mean. I know those settings, but the upload folder will be in wp-content and I want it to be in the root folder of my site, outside the wp folder. Also I don’t want /2009/10 but /200910.

    Any more suggestions?

    I’d like to give this unsolved issue another try :),

    How can I customize my uploadfolder to represent /200912 instead of /2009/12. In other words, how can I get rid of the middle slash?

    I know this sounds like an unimportant thing, but I have this folder sructure for my archives from before using WP.

    No one? 🙁

    I want to use all those nice new features of version 2.9, but at the moment I can’t use them because I can’t change the custom upload folder to 200912 instead of the standard 2009/12. And like a mentioned before, this is because I’m using the monthyear style for 7 years now and can’t change it.

    If necessary, I’m willing to change something in the core php files, but I don’t know where.

    I’ve a plugin that doesn’t do exactly what you want, but which you could certainly modify so it does what you’re looking for:

    Grab the bleeding edge zip, as there’s an optimization in it.

    Looks like your plugin is going to work for me 🙂
    Downloaded it and now going to try and modify it a little.


    Hmmm… I tried but failed to modify your plugin… (I’m not that good in php).

    Could you give me some help with this, or even better, modify the plugin so that everyone can choose his of her favorite manner in which the uploads should be organised? Like using the %year%, %month% etc. way which is also used in creating the permalinks?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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