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    I would like to change the texts of my unsubscribe page if any subscriber decides to unsubscribe my newsletter. However, from the mailpoet settings, under Basics, I can see the column “Unsubscribe page”, there is no way for me to change the texts. Is there any advise ?

    What if I want to add in a large image for my unsubscribe page ? Is it available to do so ?


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    Hi Uendi,

    Yes you can change the text inside the WordPress page you have chosen to display for users that clicked on that link. You can create a new page just for that and then point that page on the Settings page on the field you mentioned.

    Does this make sense?!

    However, from Settings page there is no fill for me to change the text.

    You can create a new page just for that and then point that page on the Settings page on the field you mentioned.

    I don’t understand this part.

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    • 1. Create a new WordPress page
    • 2. Go to MailPoet Settings page and select that page on the dropdown to choose what page you want for Unsubscribe page

    Does this make sense?!

    I understand how to do that but then I lose the ability to add the undo unsubscribe link as shortcodes don’t work on my own page.

    Is there any way to customise the unsubscribe wording and show the undo unsubscribe link?

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    Unfortunately you can’t insert the unsubscribe link there. Do the following: copy this code (only until line 32) and place it on your theme functions.php file.

    Then on the template page of your theme that you use to show the unsubscribe link, you should use this command to show the unsubscribe link: <?php echo mpoet_get_undo_unsubscribe(); ?>

    Does this make sense?! You’ll need someone’s help with PHP if you don’t know how to do it.

    Then on the template page of your theme that you use to show the unsubscribe link,

    Template page refer to ?

    I’ve worked on this and I think I’ve sorted it. I had the same question as Uendi so will answer that as well.

    1. Create a template page (see
    Do this by copying page.php in your theme folder and name the copy – let’s call it mynewsletter_page.php. Edit it so it says at the top:

    Template Name: My Subscription Page

    2. Add the code MailPoet says to functions.php, editing the wording to say what you want.

    3. In mynewsletter_page.php after
    <div class="entry-content">
    or after <?php the_content(); ?>
    add <?php echo mpoet_get_undo_unsubscribe(); ?>

    4. Create a new Unsubscribe page and this is the important bit: at the bottom right in Page Attributes choose the Template called My Subscription Page

    5. If you preview this page here, no unsubscribe information will show but, instead, save it and preview it in MailPoet, Settings, Basics, Unsubscribe page, Unsubscribe (assuming that is your page’s title).

    6. You can go even further if you add to your template the code. at the bottom of Then you can have one page for both subscribing and unsubscribing.

    I hope that helps and that I haven’t made any mistakes!

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    Thanks so much stevem, you explained the process better than we have done! Cheers!

    Thank you very much for mailpoet staff and stevem, and also for your patience.

    Follow up question to this great thread:

    If we have two pages, one for subscribe and one for unsubscribe, how can we use the functions.php code snippet to redirect to the “Subscribed!” page after the user clicks “Undo.” -?

    Or, even better, if we run one page for both subscribing and unsubscribing, as in #6, @stevem, would you mind providing a code snippet showing how we do the “design here” part from the support article code snippet?

    Weak on PHP.


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    Hi Goferit,

    I’ve updated that page:

    Look at the bottom of that page, there’s a function to add to your functions.php to show the Undo link. I’ve just modified that code to redirect to the confirmation page after you click on the Undo link.

    Great, thanks! Ben and Tung got me all set up on this a couple of weeks ago.

    Glad to see the updated documentation.

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