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[Resolved] change top menu bar height

  • Hi,
    I just downloaded your new version of zAlive. It looks pretty good. But after I created myown menu and assigned it to the top menu bar, the height of the dropdown menu items are too big. I tried to edit the CSS style but still could not fix the problem. The following is the section I work on:
    /* header Begin */
    #header{padding:15px 0;margin-bottom:20px;background:rgba(68,68,68,0.88);filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startcolorstr=#E1444444,endcolorstr=#E1444444);position:relative;}
    .navbar .brand{margin:0;background:#73a53e;color:#fff;text-shadow:none;line-height:60px;padding:0px 20px;font-size:32px;}
    .navbar .brand a{display:block;color:#fff;overflow:hidden;word-break:break-all;text-overflow:ellipsis;}
    .navbar .brand a:hover,.navbar .brand a:focus{text-decoration:none;}
    .navbar .nav{display:none;padding:10px 0;margin:0 10px;}
    .navbar .nav>li>a{color:#73a53e;text-shadow:none;}
    .navbar .nav li.dropdown.open>.dropdown-toggle, .navbar .nav li.dropdown.active>.dropdown-toggle, .navbar .nav li.dropdown.open.active>.dropdown-toggle,.navbar .nav>li>a:focus,.navbar .nav>li>a:hover{color:#fff;background:#73a53e;}
    .navbar .nav li.dropdown>.dropdown-toggle .caret,.navbar .nav li.dropdown>a:hover .caret, .navbar .nav li.dropdown>a:focus .caret{border-top-color: #73a53e;border-bottom-color: #73a53e;}
    .navbar .nav li.dropdown.open>.dropdown-toggle .caret, .navbar .nav li.dropdown.active>.dropdown-toggle .caret, .navbar .nav li.dropdown.open.active>.dropdown-toggle .caret{border-top-color: #fff;border-bottom-color: #fff;}
    .navbar .nav>li>.dropdown-menu:before,.navbar .nav>li>.dropdown-menu:after{content:none;border:none;}
    #header .dropdown-menu{margin:0;border:0;background:#73a53e;padding:5px;}
    #header .dropdown-menu>li>a{color:#fff;line-height:30px;}
    #header .dropdown-menu>li>a:hover,#header .dropdown-menu>li>a:focus,#header .dropdown-submenu:hover>a,#header .dropdown-submenu:focus>a {color:#73a53e;background:#e7e7e7;filter:none;}

    Please help. Thanks

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  • Theme Author zenoven


    What browser are you using when this happened ?

    It’s internet explorer.
    After received your message I tried Chrome and it’s much better. Did not know that.
    So for IE, is there any solution?
    Thanks a lot!!!

    Theme Author zenoven


    IE11 ? I just found this happened in IE11 and all other browsers work well, IE11 is not stable for now but I will try to fix it as possible.

    It’s IE 10 in Win8.

    Theme Author zenoven


    OK, Thanks for telling me that 🙂

    Theme Author zenoven


    Bug fixed in new version 1.2.6 but it needs to be reviewed by the WordPress admins。

    If you can’t wait, just copy the following snippet to the Custom CSS style area in theme options page.

    .navbar .nav li{list-style:none;}

    That is great zenoven!
    I added this line and it fixed the problem right away.
    Many thanks!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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