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    Hello, I need to find out where this code is in the plugin files so I can edit it for a client. I need to change the mobile toggle menu background color from white.

    I have uploaded a screen shot here: Screenshot

    I have found the code using FireFox Firebug, but I know from looking at the results that this is most likely hard coded into a PHP plugin file unless there is some other place I’m unaware of.

    Also just to be clear, it is NOT the div tag above the one that is highlighted in the screen shot. That controls just the toggle button. I need to change that white background to a dark background.


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    I have found the code for this. For whatever reason its hard coded into the template_functions.php file. This to me is just plain stupid, there is no other way to change it and I would consider this a bug for sure. Seems to me that there is quite a bit of css sporadically spread out in the plugin files when it really should be in the css. I would consider this an unfinished theme at best, but at least I found the code, changed it to what I want and can now go on with my edits and not have to scrap the entire theme and move to another one. For future reference if anyone else has this question the code is

    <a class="toggle_button_flat_responsive_menu"></a>
        <div style="background-color:#fff">
            <?php wp_nav_menu( array( 'theme_location' => 'primary', 'container' => false, 'menu_class' => 'mobilemenu', 'fallback_cb' => 'false' ) ); ?>

    in which I changed the

    <div style="background-color:#fff">

    to the color that I wanted.

    Andrew Nevins


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    Alternatively, use the “!important” rule in your Custom CSS/ Child Theme CSS…
    If you’re not using a Child Theme, and if the theme doesn’t have a section for CSS modifications then do the following:

    1. Install this Custom CSS Manager plugin
    2. use its “CSS Code” section of the dashboard to hold your CSS modifications:
    3. (put this code in)

      #fr-banner {
          background: #fff !important;
    4. Save

    Alternatively use your Child Theme style.css file to hold your CSS modifications

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