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  • Hello people,

    Who can help me

    I have started a website

    The website consists of two columns. I like to adjust the columns so my right column can hold 300 px and the left column the rest of the page. I do not seem to get it done. If i adjust the width from the right column, it disappears to the bottom of the left column. But it has to stay next to the left column. How can i do this.

    My second problem is the text. When i type it into the admin as you can see it does not break of in the left column but goes on and disappears under the rigt column. How do i break this of so i can just keep typing in admin?

    I hope my questions are clear.



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  • You need to change the widths of BOTH sections (ids of content and primary) so they do not add up to more than 100% of the containing element (id of “main”). Since that page is fixed width of 990px, that means the combined widths must be less than that (and you may need to allow for margins too). Fixing those should solve the text issue as well — if they are set up correctly.

    So try:

    #container {
       width: 680px;
    #primary {
       width: 300px;

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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