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  • Hello,

    I wish to update the default twentyten theme of wordpress 3.0.1.

    I have around 150 pages. Out of these header and footer is common. And rest of the pages are huge with contents, images and videos which are unique to individual pages.

    Please let me know what is the shortcut procedure to update the theme. Am I need to create every page and code the html? Or there is a better way.

    Hopeful to get reply soon.

    Regards & Thanks.

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  • Andy Christian


    Contributor Day Volunteer

    All your content should be stored in your database. When you edit the template files in the twenty ten directory (or better yet, create a child theme of twenty ten for your changes), the changes will affect your entire site.

    Hello andrew_cpht,

    Thanks a lot for the kind reply. Can please tell me how to do the same. As I am very novice to wp it becomes difficult for me to understand. Please help.

    Andy Christian


    Contributor Day Volunteer

    This should get you started:

    Hello andrew_cpht,

    Thanks a lot for the help. I think I can do like below.

    1. Create individual pages on topic.
    2. In the content section add the HTML code to prepare the page.

    Do you recommend this as good? Please suggest.


    Hello andrew_cpht & All,

    I have gone through the topic ‘Theme Development’ and understand it. But there are few questions arises in my mind. Please clear my doubts and ideas by your answers and suggestions.

    As I said earlier in this blog I have to design 150 pages with different templates. Let me explain where I am now.

    My all pages are customizable from the admin panel. Let me compare between two pages below,
    The contents and layout of these 2 pages are different. Admin is going to enter the contents according to his choice and in different positions. Both these are customizable.

    If I wish to add these information into table(s) then how to make it. In these manner there are at least 150 different pages the admin can create with his choice of contents and layout.

    1. How do admin can create a table or similar item from page (Add/Edit) to hold the information such as text, images, videos.

    2. If admin can create the table and feed the information into the cell then I can display it from the page.

    3. Please suggest is there any plugin to do such thing. How to make such a thing manually.

    4. The admin cannot create the HTML as he does not know it.

    Please suggest and I am in a bit hurry. Thanks a lot in advance.

    Regards & Thanks.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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