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  • Problem:
    I want to use CSS to style how my archive months appear.
    I’ve done that with categories without trouble like this:
    <li class=”cat-item […]>
    This shows up like this automatically, just by inserting the categories widget in the widget interface on the admin screen.

    Problem is that the archives list items are not classed at all, they’re just list items.

    Which leaves me with the functions.php and in there I can define what to class the widgets list item as, but that is the WHOLE widget, like this:

    <li id=”archives-3″ class=”widget widget_archive”>
    <h2 class=”widgettitle”>ARCHIVES</h2>

    • July 2009
    • As you can see, I cannot affect the inner li-items, and there’s no way to adjust this in the admin interface either.

      What are my options?

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  • Ok this is solved now, turns out I had misinterpreted how the css system works.

    I figured that trying to affect the #archives-3 li {} would affect that actual li (since it is a list item). But it only affects its child components!

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