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  • Love this plugin – makes adding metadata so much easier!

    Is there any way to change the URL structure of reviews so that they match my current blog posts?

    All my normal posts are /blog/2019/01/slug – that is YYYY/MM. I’d like my book reviews to also follow that format. I don’t want /blog/review/slug.

    I also don’t need dedicated pages for each author, publisher, genre etc – but I think I can work out how to do that with custom metadata.


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  • Plugin Author Kemory Grubb



    I understand what you are trying to achieve however my background in SEO wants me to advice against “dated” URLs. Having a date in your slug is generally considered a bad practice, as it gives users an idea of the age of your content before they click the link. User’s usually prefer newer content to old content.

    Again, my background in SEO is why I had the author, publisher and genre link to archive pages. It increases the sites internal link profile but most importantly, it increases interactivity. Having a user land on one book review then explore other reviews by visiting other books in that genre or books by that author is the goal of that feather.

    With all that said. I’ll look into having the reviews take on the URL structure of regular post. Gimme a couple days to have that feature.

    Hehe! My experience is the opposite 🙂

    That said, I’ve found out how to do it. I publish the review without a title, then I publish a new blog post with the review embedded.

    If there is a way to publish reviews with a date, I’d love that. But I appreciate if it doesn’t fit in with what you want.

    Plugin Author Kemory Grubb


    Oh, so you’re on the other side of that debate. No prob.

    I took the “no-dates” side because I do a lot of work with food bloggers and having dates is problematic when they want to freshen up old published recipes. Sharing an updated recipe from 2012 in 2019 when the old date in the URL is a hassle at times.

    I will still try to implement your suggestion though, for the challenge and the knowledge of knowing how via code.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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