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    Hi! I want to use a magazine theme. I am altering one right now. it’s great, but I absolutely HATE the teaser.. the […] part that cuts off the articles. I think it looks good that you only see a snippit of the article, and that is not the problem, but I would like to change […] to something else, or even just delete it. How can i do this? I have been searching every file to find it, but I can’t.

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    look for the_excerpt in your theme files.

    The theme isn’t live right now, but my website is

    Thanks whooami! I found that and was able to change ‘read more’ but I can’t seem to find the […]

    The […] is added because there are more than 55 characters in the article and no custom excerpt. You can fix this by either (1) adding a custom excerpt for each post or (2) eliminating the […] – though I don’t know where that would be off the top of my head.

    More at: the Codex

    Found it! It’s in formatting.php in wp-includes. It’s in there, only have to change it. Thank guys!

    I wanting to change this same issue in the new theme I have downloaded. How are you able to see the formatting php in wp-includes? I tried to open it, but none of my programs can read it. Is there a specific software needed for opening that file from my ftp? Unfortunately, in my ftp is the only place I can actually see that file.
    I hope you do not mind me “horning in” on your post. Thanks.

    To simplymybusiness: A good software for opening and editing php files is called “HTML Kit”. I think it is free to download from the internet. I have used this for year to all kinds of html or php file editing and I really like it.

    In a pinch, I think you can edit php files with “Notepad” software that is a standard part of Microsoft XP and Vista. But I also remember once that someone said that editing with Notepad can also add some unwanted blank spaces to php files and result in errors.

    Thanks Thomas. Is the only place that I can find the formatting.php in wp-includes in my ftp: folder? I have tried to open in notepad, but it does not give me that option.

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