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    Hi there

    Our users don’t actually make accounts on our site so they don’t have an existing username and password to log in with. Therefore when you arrive at the Privacy Tools page you get confronted with the message “Identify yourself!” and an email field.

    How can I change that to something a bit more polite? (My client will have a fit!)

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    Hi there!

    Excellent feedback! I changed the text to “Identify yourself via e-mail” so if you update now, it will be a bit better. However, I’m open to suggestions about what the text should be.

    This made me realize that the usability of this page is not very good and it would be good to display some additional information there. I’ll consider adding editable text areas with reasonable placeholders to the page (instead of static text).

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    Oh excellent Indrek, that’s brilliant of you. Update hasn’t fizzled through into WP yet but probably will in next few hours.

    I think probably it should be “Please identify yourself via email”

    If you have a look at this page I’m working on now:

    I’ve added in a shortcode from another plug in so they can write in and ask for what they have in the back office (or maybe on the co’s other websites which will also have this plug in) as well – we collect quite sensitive info on this site via some forms.

    As you can see there, I’ve also added in a header and a bit of explanatory text that they are requesting whatever is held on the website.

    You might find this interesting as it’s going in the privacy policy – I might make a custom form to accommodate the bits i have put in bold instead of the other plug in, but thought you might like to see the options this legal client is recommending:

    • [Request access to your personal data].
    [Request correction of your personal data].
    • [Request erasure of your personal data].
    [Object to processing of your personal data].
    • [Request restriction of processing your personal data].
    [Request transfer of your personal data]. (not sure what this one means to be honest)
    [Right to withdraw consent].

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    > I think probably it should be “Please identify yourself via email”
    Makes sense. Sneaked this change into 1.0.5 – should appear when you update.

    Thanks so much for the notes, this is really useful.

    > (or maybe on the co’s other websites which will also have this plug in)
    This is an interesting use case. Which plugin are you using?

    > but thought you might like to see the options this legal client is recommending:
    This is interesting. Our approach so far is that we’ll try to automatically cover the more common requests (access, “transfer”, erasure and withdrawing consent) to save time for website admins. I personally specifically wouldn’t add the other options to forms because once it’s there, someone will probably want to use it to see what happens and this can generate lots of overhead. As these other requests will need to be handled manually anyway, it makes more sense to just process them if someone emails you with a specific request. But maybe my line of thought here is not good, so would be interested to hear what you think.

    Another thing I noticed is the consent checkbox on the “request data” form as well as the contact form. I’m again not 100% sure about this, but it seems redundant. I discussed this topic with a couple of people at law office Triniti few days ago and they said that (1) a Privacy Policy should mention that by using the site and/or services, you agree to that Privacy Policy and (2) by clicking on the submit button, consent is implied anyway. So a separate checkbox is not needed and a simple disclaimer should be fine in cases such as contact forms and the same “request data” form.

    However, in the case of the contact form, the checkbox is labeled:
    > I consent to my data being retained by the site owner after my enquiry has been processed.
    This consent checkbox seems to be missing the ‘why’ – i.e. why store the data, what’s the purpose it will be used for?

    I’m not a lawyer so take all this with a grain of salt.

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    My client is a lawyer lol! So we’ve got the lot as we are also helping clients with theirs so we are setting up the firms sites as demos as much as to cover our uses. But we do have some sensitive forms for people to input info for various purposes so it’s quite important. The other plug in is WP GDPR which I had before I found yours but I’m going to replace it with an easy gravity form to cover that other stuff. That’s partly because I agree with you, it’s not showing purpose etc, there’s not a lot of point to it when you can make your own form, She’s covered the excessive request thing in the Privacy Policy. The PP isn’t live yet but if you email me ( I’ll send you a link, it’s pretty thorough.

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    Gotcha. Thanks!

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