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  • Hi,

    Thank you for sharing your work.

    I tried the development version and really liked the way the plugin works. I see you have plans to extend it to gather feedback as a custom post type in the WordPress admin.

    I’m trying to make it work with a support ticket solution like Catchers, since it would make it possible to log and reply to feedback inside WordPress. Catchers also lets you have an external email flow that the plugin can fetch and log inside WordPress, making it useful for logging issues and having several different agents responding to issues.

    I have a problem with this flow though. I need the From email address to be the users’ and not the site’s email address, so that one can make a direct reply to the email, not having to edit the To name and address, like we have now.

    Is it possible to change the From email address to be the user’s email address?


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  • Plugin Contributor Pascal Birchler


    Hey there,

    I’ve just answered your question on GitHub. Sorry for not seeing it here earlier!

    For better visibility, here’s the gist of my reply:

    This is currently possible with version 2.0, which is currently in beta. To use that version, visit and select “Development Version” at the bottom.

    We’re keen on hearing any feedback you our users have about that version, so if you try it out, please let us know how you like it.

    Thanks Pascal. I’ve replied to the email and integration scenarios on GitHub.

    As I mentioned there, I’ve not tested the 1.1.1 version, hence I cannot assess the changes in version 2.0.

    I like the way 2.0 works: it’s simple and very effective identifying the spot on the page and adding a comment.

    The screenshot is greyed out, with the blue circle marking the spot.

    I’m testing the plugin for an e-learning project, so that the user can ask for feedback on specific issues when going through the tutorial-like lessons.

    I guess it’s not what you had in mind when you came up with User Feedback. It is easier to point out on the page when you have questions than to write an entire comment about it. Thus, the teacher immediately identifies the issue that is blocking the user from moving forward, giving a more effective response. Pretty neat – at least in theory, we still need humans to test it 😉

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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