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  • How do I change the font size in the twentyten theme.

    I managed to change the font from Georgia to Arial but the text is to big.

    I’d like to change the font size to 10pt but can’t find it anywhere in the style sheet

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  • in style.css about line 200:

    /* =Global Elements
    -------------------------------------------------------------- */
    /* Main global 'theme' and typographic styles  */
    body {
    	background: #f1f1f1;
    textarea {
    	color: #666;
    	font-size: 12px;
    	line-height: 18px;

    Tried that one. This just makes the search box and any form fields smaller.

    I’m trying to reduce the general page text size.

    Think I found it.

    Its on line 592

    .entry-summary {
    	clear: both;
    	padding: 12px 0 0 0; font-size: 10pt;

    I entered the code font-size: 10pt; and it worked

    there are several other font-size declaration in style.css;

    try this one around line 460:

    #content input,
    #content textarea {
    	color: #444;
    	font-size: 16px;
    	line-height: 24px;

    Yep that one’s better, means i don’t have to use my own code. Better to stick with thats there.

    the twentyten CSS is not that easy to work with. 🙂

    I have built a Twenty Ten child theme called Twenty Ten Weaver that lets you teak a bunch of stuff without editing theme files.

    But I’ve also generated a bunch of CSS tweaks that will work with Twenty Ten as well as my own theme – stuff like changing font size, adding decorations to titles, etc.

    Rather than messing too much with Twenty Ten’s style.css rules, it is easier to just put your overrides at the end of style.css (or perhaps add an import at the very end to include your edits, or even go as far as generating a CSS only child theme.)

    There are a couple of tweaks that are specific to my child theme, but almost all of theme will work for Twenty Ten.

    it is easier to just put your overrides at the end of style.css

    with TwentyTen, be aware that at the end of style.css is actually a section of about 100 lines of @media print styles !

    so, make sure to add you style tweaks before that.

    Thanks friends. The suggestion from Alchymyth for making changes in around line 460 worked for me. I increased the font size to 32 and the line height to 40. Here’s what I got on my quotes and sayings blog. Does it look nice? 🙂



    At last . . . a forum thread with solutions I can actually use! THANK YOU, neweb, for getting this topic started and keeping after it. You are SO right that Twentyten’s styles.css is challenging to work with.

    While the Twenty Ten theme is pretty cool, the CSS is way too complex. Simplify.

    Oh – be serious! CSS is as complex or as simple as is needed.

    esmi – While, i don’t know php very well, i am very skilled at html, xhtml and efficient css, and hand code it for several hours every week. The twenty ten theme works great, but adjusting fonts is difficult because of the overly complex nature of its css architecture. That’s just the truth. You don’t have to like this, but please don’t make snide comments about things you obviously don’t understand. It confuses people new to the technology. No offense meant, and you are certainly welcome to the final word, but what I said about the css is totally accurate. – vh

    seeing you jumping into the forum with one unsubstantiated comment, without a record of having used or modified twenty ten, one might get the impression this is just a attempt to spread a link to your site – i.e. spamming.

    if you have suitable suggestions on how to simplify the stylesheet of twenty ten, please do so at

    alchymyth – My blog locally is simply for learning WP. No one would be interested in it. While I do have a website promoting my business, again no one here would be interested in my services. I don’t spam. Nor do I need links from or While I am somewhat skilled at designing both layout and font styles for word processors, TeX and friends, and the web, I am not a graphic designer. That is not my business, so I am not spamming. I use styles as a means to an end. I use WP incidentally, not primarily.

    Nevertheless, I have examined the HTML output of the WP default theme (which is very cool) and find its CSS to be overly complex and difficult to change. The whole point of CSS is simplicity and ease of maintenance. CSS seldom calls for complexity. Where complexity becomes necessary, thorough commenting of the code is helpful, especially for open source projects. This is important since WP promotes its child themes for customization. I am writing this so other people will not think they are ignorant because they cannot find ways to change particular elements of this theme. That’s all. Anyway, thanks for the link.

    Finally, I apologize for any offense received, as none was intended. – vh

    please don’t make snide comments about things you obviously don’t understand.

    I have been working with CSS for over 12 years.

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