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  • Hi everyone 🙂 I did a search with no results but I think maybe I’m just so clueless that perhaps I’m about to ask the mother of all dumb questions. Hence my inability to find an answer.
    I’m starting a new blog ( and I am using the Ocadia theme. I want to change the font color of the title to pink but I cannot find the code! I don’t know if I am looking in the right place; Do I manipulate the index.php file? Or do I go to the ‘main index template’ in the theme editor (from my admin page)? I thought it made sense to look in the ‘header’ section but didn’t have luck there either.
    I am REALLY new to all this but I am very eager to learn. I have read lots of the support documents but, like I said, I’m so new to this stuff that I don’t understand what I’m reading half the time. The fact that I got wp installed (on GoDaddy’s servers no less) at all is a miracle! Any help will be very appreciated! Also, if anyone could recommend a good book that I can use to teach myself how to edit my themes, that would be great as I certainly don’t want to be a bother with my newbie questions.

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  • Maybe this helps: Finding_Your_CSS_Styles

    Right, I read that. Good information but like I mentioned, it doesn’t make sense to a total newbie who has never looked at/tweaked/written css code before.
    Any one else have some clues to share with me?

    it’s usually a t1 header for the page title

    header sizes

    t1 – biggest
    t6 – smallest

    since the pagetitle is almost always the biggest header, it is usually the only one that is affected when you edit any t1 css settings

    so, just check the style(s) file in your theme dir when you first open it on your computer (usually the last file cause “s”tyles but not always)

    open it in NotePad++ or whatever you use to edit text files

    even though t1 may appear more than once in the file (use search function from the editor menu that you have open), it is usually one of the first few that have a color setting with it

    you may be able to just use a color name (for some standard ones) but usually it looks like #1y2u3 or something (always starting with a # if not color named by word as I said above) but sometimes they are RGB codes also although I don’t recall seeing that in WP land.

    Consult the myriad of “CSS color” serp hits for a site where you can pick colors selectively

    hope that helps.


    t1 – biggest
    t6 – smallest

    It has to be a typo ==> h1 – h6, correctly.

    has to be lol, thx

    Oh, that’s just great Billy; Confuse the newbie with t’s where h’s should be! LOL

    But you know what?! Thanks to your help, I DID IT, I DID IT, I DID IT! <see me doing the happy dance>

    Ok, I know this is not a huge accomplishment for you guys because well, you KNOW this stuff. But for me… Yippee! I did it!

    Thanks again (all of you!) for the help 😀

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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