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    I am using the Shell theme and am trying to change the featured image on the generated home page. The three text boxes at the bottom are modified as wdigets and there is also a box for an image but does not seem to be connected to anything.

    I considered changing the code to get it to point somewhere else but WordPress is hosted on the server and I was thinking about generating random images.

    Can anyone help please? The website is

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  • For changing the image :
    Click on Editor tab available at left side in the “Appearance”. Search for featured-image and find its location. (It is available in the images folder of the template theme). Save/upload your required image with this name and the job is done.

    For editing the below text:
    Go to widgets, Click on “primary home sidebar widget” and add / drag text from “Available Widgets” Edit this text section and your first column is edited. Follow the same for secondary and tertiary to edit the second and third columns.

    I am sorry about random images part. Need to explore


    I’ve Just moved on to after years on and need some help with the basics.

    I need to, as this post has already asked, change the image on the shell theme.

    I’ve tried to follow the instructions provided by indianplayschools, but I seem to be going wrong somewhere.

    I’m going to the the Editor Tab under Appearance and I’m presented with a number of links for templates to edit.

    Now, this is where I get lost – where am I looking for the featured image?
    I’ve done a search in each template for the image and some mention it, but I’m lost if I can see anything to do with any an image folder or its location.

    Does anyone know how I access the image folder? Is it through dashboard or do I need to access through my hosting site (bluehost)?

    Some step-by-step (for idiots) guide would be helpful, in fact any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Oh yeah – my site is




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    Please post a new topic.

    First of all name your desired image as featured-image.jpg
    Go to wp-content/themes/shell-lite/images. Here you can see featured-image.jpg. Just replace this by your own desired image. I mean upload your image to this images folder, to replace the current one. I hope you can see the results

    Ah – then it all made sense.

    Thanks indianplayschools, I couldn’t have sorted that without you.

    Appearance > Editor >Select theme to edit: Shell Lite
    Click on front-page.php

    <img src="<?php echo get_stylesheet_directory_uri(); ?>/images/featured-image.jpg" width="440" height="300" alt="" />

    Replace image source url.

    <img src="" width="440" height="300" alt="" />


    I’ve tried to change the image on the shell theme but it appears blank. I’ve renamed my image “BusStartUp logo.jpg”
    I’ve uploaded it to the file manager where images are stored and changed the code as follows:

    <img src=”BusStartUp logo.jpg> width=”440″ height=”300″ alt=” ” />

    Why is it still appearing blank?

    What do I need to do to change the stock image and replace it with my own?



    enter url to view image between “”.

    e.g src=""

    Thank you!!!! IT works – on if you’re interested! :-).

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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