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  • The only mention of needing to edit the .sql file, when changing the domain name of your site is under “Moving WordPress to a New Server with Fantastico”.

    I have skimmed over this section so many times, because I don’t use Fantastico and didn’t think this section applies to me.

    I think this should be under a new heading called something like Changing the domain name of your site. The instructions themselves are fine, it’s just they apply to more cases than just if you are using Fantastico.

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    covers domain changes

    the moving wordpress instructions cover actually moving WP…new server, new folder, etc

    OK, but why only mention changing the domain under the Fantastico instructions? Others that move their site don’t change the URL?

    And having had a closer look at the Changing_The_Site_URL page as suggested, that page doesn’t really make it clear that the instructions under Domain Name Change need to be done as well if you are using the instructions under Changing the URL directly in the database. It looks like they are separate methods.

    Guess I’m not following….. you did a manual move?

    If you are moving wordpress using the Moving WP to a New Server instructions you don’t have to edit the DB at all.

    It’s done when you change the settings in general

    Yes, it was a manual move to show a client, progress so far. I uploaded to a temporary online location, so that they could look at progress before it went live. Because the original site was staying, I didn’t count it as a move as such.

    I pretty much did the ordered list of things to do in the Fantastico instructions, copy all data over export -> edit/find & replace -> upload

    The Moving WP to a New Server instructions do make sense to me now, didn’t seem to yesterday, go figure. But perhaps they could be clearer regarding the URI/URL changing like they are in the instructions for Moving WordPress Within Your Site.

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