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  • Hello,

    I have a blog divided into a few categories and when want to see one of them, I’m given a page titled kind of “Archive: category 1”.
    It would be best for me to delete the word “archive” or, at least, change it into another word.

    I mean not the whole page title, that can be created and changed in post editing page, but the prefix “archive” given before the title.

    Could you please help me?

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  • Can you please tell us which theme are you using?

    Please, go to the theme directory, find if there’s any “archive.php” file. If there is, go inside and use “CTRL + F” to search for the word “Archive” and once you find it in a <h1> or <h2> tag, edit/delete that.

    Thank you for your answer.
    I checked for this in archive.php, category.php and many more files of my theme – unfortunately not all of them yet 😉
    archive.php contains only page title combinations, the prefix “archive” is given before this title and for sure in another file.

    my theme is Mixfolio.

    Check the Screenshot. It’s from your theme’s archive.php file. Edit/delete the underlined texts as per your need. However, keep the single quotation marks (‘) untouched.

    Saif, I have already done this and it only affects the page title given under the site menu – in the browser bar I still see “Archive: …” – I tried to change and delete this text given in quotation marks but this is not the way.

    I don’t know, maybe there should be done any PHP overwriting – my problem is that’s not my strong point.

    your theme already uses a filter function for 'wp_title' to manipulate the output for the meta title; you might need to replace that function in a child theme.

    please post any theme related question in

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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