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    I’m new to WordPress and investigating converting an existing site. Your plug-in does everything I want except the podcast titles are much too large. Here’s the shortcode I’m using:

    [rsskingpro feedaddress="" display="10" format="
    <div class="rsskp_itemhead">
    <h1 class="entry_title">##LINK##</h1>

    I thought I could adjust the title size by substituting h3 for h1, but it has no effect. The code sent to browser has h1 tags no matter what I do.

    Page URL is

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Plugin Author Ash Durham


    Hi Joejurca,

    You’ll find that the shortcode is missing some key elements.

    I assume your attempting to change the format? Which defaults to:
    <div class="rsskp_itemhead"><span class="rsskp_date">##PUBDATE##</span><h1 class="entry_title">##LINK##</h1></div><div class="rsskp_content">##DESCRIPTION##</div>

    Your shortcode is missing the ‘format=’ attribute. You’ll also have to be careful of your quoting. Utilise the differences between ” and ‘.

    Try this:

    [rsskingpro feedaddress="" display="10" format="
    <div class='rsskp_itemhead'>
    <h3 class='entry_title'>##LINK##</h3>

    Note the change of single quotes around the classes.

    EDIT: Sorry, it seems that the code output isn’t displaying the ‘format=’ in the output. I copy and pasted that and it came up along with your display attribute, so disregard that. Keeping it there for other readers.

    Hi Ash,

    Thanks for your prompt reply. After I made the changes to single quotes, the title sizes came out right on the money, but the description dropped out. I concluded that using double quotes invoked the default before and I needed to add a description format variable. That fixed everything for most rss files, but one still puzzles me – its page url is:

    and shortcode is:

    [rsskingpro feedaddress="" nextpagetext="<strong>NEXT PAGE</strong>" prevpagetext="<strong>PREVIOUS PAGE</strong>" display="10" format="<div class='rsskp_itemhead'><h3 class='entry_title'>##LINK##</h3></div><div class='rsskp_content'>##DESCRIPTION##</div>"]

    The only way this one differs from the others is in its feed, which is a little crazy. Is this usual?

    By the way, your writeup of RSS King Pro shortcodes shows double quotes instead of single for things like css classes. You might want to change that to avoid further questions (like mine).

    Thanks again for a very nice plug-in – Joe

    Plugin Author Ash Durham


    Hi Joe,

    Cheers for letting me know regarding the quotes, I’ll get that updated in the next release.

    What exactly is the problem on this page? Are you referring to the diamond question marks appearing? If so, this isn’t the plugin doing this. The plugin only outputs what it is given. In this case, the feed has HTML in it, using divs instead of paragraphs. To allow the divs to act as paragraphs they have used a div with &nbsp; in it. When the feed is generated, htmlentities have been run through it turing it into & lt;div& gt;&nbsp;& lt;/div& gt;(spaces added for display) which could be rendering incorrectly on output.

    My suggestion would be to further format the description content before the output to the page. The only way to do this would be to use the function that the plugin is utilising in the shortcode. The plugin uses SimplePie to return results, which is part of the wordpress core files.

    Hope that helps. Since feeds can be completely different from one feed to the next, its rather difficult to have the plugin allow for all scenarios, this being one of the cases where the output is slightly skewed.

    Many thanks Ash.

    The problem actually was that this page still kept the overly large (<h1>) titles. After fumbling with it for a few days, that suddenly corrected itself. Don’t know what I did – must have gotten an accidental dose of WordPress karma.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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