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    I have my website almost done (thank you for the awesome theme!), but have two theme-specific problems. First, I can’t find anywhere how to change the color (or gradient) of the submenus at the top of the page. Second, the ‘<hr>’ tag is not showing up as line breaks (as it’s done with any other theme I tried).
    Other two issues I don’t believe are theme related, but is there a way to hide a specific formatting (html) or slider on a screen below a certain resolution? Either one would make the mobile site perfect. If it’s something I should ask elsewhere, just tell me and don’t answer.
    Here’s my sight, if it makes a difference:

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    First, thank you for the great comment about my theme 🙂

    Regarding the submenu backgrounds, with this theme and also the Pro version of Preference, I used a CSS3 gradient background. This setup tutorial on my site will help you out:

    For the other problem….depends on the slider if it’s responsive or not responsive. There is one thing you could do though which is using css queries to display none when a browser reaches a certain width. For example, you could do something like this:

    @media (max-width: 767px) {
       #your-slider-container {
           display: none;

    Basically that would hide the slider container for any viewing window of 767px or less. You would add the query in the theme’s style.css (generally at the bottom of the page, but also, best to make core theme file changes using a child theme.

    Thanks for such a fast reply! I’m having trouble finding the css for the submenu, is it in the main style.css file? I’m working through a host that automatically uploads my files, and the installation is not on my computer (godaddy), so my file access is limited to what’s available from the editor under appearance or downloading the theme file to my desktop, making changes, and uploading the file to see how each change affects the site (talk about drawn out and over complicated!). There may be an easier way, but not one that I have found.
    I do have a child theme, however!
    And thank you for the slider part. I’m finding the specific name of my slider (it uses shortcode, but that’s not the name of it), but that was exactly the snippet I needed.

    I also figured out the visible line break problem. For anyone else who may need this fix, under “article styles” section, there’s a segment like this:
    ‘hr {
    margin: 30px 0;
    border: 0;
    I changed the border to 1, and the line breaks are visible! A very easy change.

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    Sorry…the submenu styling is in the theme’s /css/menu.css file around line 60 and starts off with this:

    .mainmenu ul li:hover > ul { /* second level half rounded */

    If you do not see it in your WordPress editor, you may need to grab it through FTP. But any edits to the menu.css can also be modified by doing it in the theme’s style.css as well.

    Side note about development…depends on your hosting environment, there’s a couple ways to build and customize a site. Doing changes on a live location can be tiresome, but you might want to look at XAMPP Lite which you put on your computer and it mimics an actual server with your own host and database (mysql). I use XAMPP to build my themes which lets me do it right on my computer. When all done and I’m happy, then I upload the theme.

    For the slider container, look at your site source code from the browser and you should be able to see what it is. But, if it’s the slider you have at the bottom of your page, I will make it easy for you 🙂

    @media (max-width: 767px) {
       .easingsliderlite-shadow {
           display: none;

    There’s also a shadow container there too which you will want to hide. Just decide at what width you want the slider to hide.

    Alright, I just found the file offline and will just go the upload route. Thank you so much! I’d have wasted a lot of time trying to do it without help.
    And I re-arranged the home page, so that the slider works on any screen size. But, I still do need to use the hiding attribute on a different page, so that’s a huge help!

    Everything is fixed (or being fixed) now, but… when I got on today I started having issues with my header. It had been responsive with the rest of the page, re-sizing as the page does. However, now it doesn’t. It’s about double the width of the page on mobile. I also changed the top half page background, and because of it needed to change my header image (as I need to change the color there too). Now, when I try to change the header image it throws it into the showcase region. I cannot find anywhere how to change the main header image.
    Again, thanks so much for your help. I’m ecstatic with how quickly you’ve been replying, and to have a theme that is (for the most part, at least) easily edited, fully responsive, and needs so few edits to make the perfect site.

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    First, thanks for the great comments about the theme and support (definitely a million star rating? haha). Anyway, for your logo, I went to your site and found that you added a max-width to your logo with this css:

    #logo-wrapper img

    If you remove the max-width, your logo will be responsive again. Try that and see how it works for you.

    That fixed it, plus making the center wrapper width a maximum width and not a set width. Thank you! It looks great again. I just need to replace the header image now.

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    Awesome and glad to hear it worked for you 🙂

    I also found where the header is, under title and tagline on the customize/view section. Forgot that there are two headers!


    I have enjoyed working with your theme, however I am struggling to change the color of the submenu. I have modified menu.css and created a child theme, yet when I activate it, the site loses the style. I have menu.css and style.css in a folder on my site in the correct directory called preference-lite-child.

    I am wondering if I am missing something in the CSS files themselves.

    Please help!



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    Hi Angela…first, I believe the forum moderators will request you post this as a new thread because this topic is already resolved for this thread.

    However, with the above link, you will want to check out the tutorial for it:

    Also, there is a tutorial about child themes on my site for this theme as well which lets you download a premade child theme for this one as well.



    could you provide me the css to change the size of the tagline on my site

    thanks you sooooo much 🙂



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    As per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic.

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