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  • Hi,
    after I added a new sub-site to my Sites Network is it possible change the folder name? I know that in the root directory I can’t find the sub-site folder, so I tried to change it here, but it doesn’t work.
    Do I need to create a new sub-site?


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  • There should be one more place to change it on that screen, but yes, you CAN change it.

    Skim that whole list of options for other places with the old name. I THINK it’s just the home option (which should get autoupdated, but I’ve seen it not happen).

    There we go..THANKS SO MUCH…I just needed to change the name in another couple of places in that page. IT WORKS

    Thank you

    Sorry I didn’t notice that I changed the logo url and background url and now the site works but without them set up.
    I tried to replace that url with the old url but it doesn’t work.
    Any idea?

    I’ll be more clear.
    I changed the two urls you can see in the screenshot in the first post.
    After I changed the url here
    After I changed it here
    and finally logo and background urls here

    Should I not change logo and Bckg urls and just re-upload the images in the Diarise Custom Settings?

    The first two are okay, but I don’t know about woo logo… I would re-upload the images and I suspect they’ll work, but I don’t know where that plugin (or theme?) stores stuff…

    Alternately, maybe a search of your database for oldfoldername would help?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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