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    Hi Jeff.

    I was wondering if it is possible to describe me how I can change the line-height of the testimonials. I would like to make them look like the other widgets in my sidebar. They are all using about 3.0 line-height.

    But I am a beginner – so … is there a possibility to make me find my way through the .css jungle? I opened the query-ui.css but got lost.


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  • Plugin Author Jeff K


    Hey Melanie,

    The jquery ui css is for stuff in the wp-admin. WordPress (the people) don’t allow you to link to external resources which is why I had to include a stripped down version in the plugin.

    Each testimonial is wrapped in a hms-testimonial-container class.

    You could add something like below to your themes style.css.

    .hms-testimonial-container .testimonial { line-height: your-height-here }

    Then don’t forget to clear your cache or do a hard refresh for the new css to be loaded.


    Hi Jeff. Many thanks! I understood your explanation and it works.

    For all beginners like me: I logged into my ftp account with cyberduck. Opened wp-content > themes > and then in my child theme I found the style.css

    I edited style.css with golive. I pasted jeffs line from above and could adjust the line-height by entering 1.8 (or any other number …)

    One more thins, Jeff, please –

    how do I fit in a margin after the author? Or change the authors line-height?

    Because now I have 2 different line-heights I guess. The author is too close to the first line of the text and in comparison to the text line-height after I changed it to 1.8 (see your instructions above).

    I tried:
    .author .testimonial { line-height: 1.8 }
    .author .testimonial { margin: 0.9 }

    But as I said … beginner … this did not work :-/

    Many thanks …

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    Give this a whirl.

    .hms-testimonial-container .author { line-height: 1.8; margin: 0.9; }


    Plugin Author Jeff K



    You’re welcome.

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