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    Awesome plugins – using the propack with enhanced search and Store Pages.

    I was wondering…is there a way to change the store_page to something else in the URL?

    I am using this as a directory of similar businesses, so I would like to change it to be more appropriate to my industry.

    Is this something tagalong is designed to do? Can I do it with a database search and replace?



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    You will need to change the permalink rules. There are 3rd party plugins that do this.

    WordPress builds the path based on the page type (we registered our pages a a type “Store Page”). The permalink rules are all set pragmatically. To change the rules you need to change the permalink engine, which is best done with a dedicated plugin.

    can you give me an example of the htaccess rule i need to write?

    I would like it to say /waste-service/

    my website is

    Also, if you have a recommendation on a plugin, I would appreciate that too. I have downloaded one, and I think it will do what I need it to do…



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    Don’t use an .htaccess rule. Use the WordPress permalinks system.

    I don’t have a permalink system I’ve used recently so I can’t give you current advice. I have done this for retail sites I helped develop in the past so I know it is possible with Store Pages.

    As you know, ensuring plugins stay current with the latest release of WordPress especially for a core function like permalink processing is critical.

    Thank you for your help. I was able to locate a plugin that will do whatever I want. I can change the permalink on a per post basis, which allows me to set up lots of different kinds of replacements for the standard store_pages

    Happy Holidays:)

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    @jasoncarrigan – thanks for sharing!

    Will that plugin also let you edit the permalinks for the Store pages themselves? I want to use more regionally-focused keywords, as opposed to simply the store name.

    Or is there another way to do that?

    lol, looking in to that now, i am changing the store_page in both files but get errors (it cant find the page anymore) even after new activating plugin


    Interesting…I wonder if you’ve stumbled onto to something here that might help with the issue here:

    Can you post what you changed before the pages to stop working?

    i change the store_page to clinic ( on 3 places) 1 in slp-pages and 2 in storelocatorplus-actoins_class.php.

    When i deactivate and active the plugin when i now make a clinic its redirected to clinic instead of store_page. But then you get oops somehting whent wrong (cant find it) when looking in de Database, i see there is a 0 at the reference that is wats going wrong, there should be a number of the old reference page

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    Wonder if there is an easy way to do this in the admin UI without breaking the current functionality. I’ll put it on my “to play with list” and see if I can get it in a future build of Store Pages… the “what would you like to call your Store Pages” feature.

    that would be cool, thank you. I think its good for a lot of people excpecialy SEO like

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    Custom URLs are coming.

    Follow my development notes and other updates on FaceBook. The page is public so you can view without a FB account.

    BTW, If you have a FB account please like… it helps me see what people are reading.

    I saw that you added this feature, which is great!

    Along the same lines, is there a way to play with the default naming structure of the posts/pages when they are created? I would prefer something like /city-state-keyword-storename/

    If there is a place within the plugin to edit this directly, I’ll happily do it, just let me know where…

    I am working on the implementation here:


    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    I can put this on the “research list” but it may be a while before I can get to this or post an answer on how to do it.

    All support for SLP is moving to the CSA website. Posts on that site now take precedence and get my attention first. Visit the new support forum here:

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