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  • I want to change the slug of a post with a custom field.

    In example, if the custom field is “keyword” my post link will become:

    If the custom field is empty, i want to generate a random key like

    How can i do that without change the wordpress core?

    Any ideas are welcome! Thanks.

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  • You need to be careful messing with post slugs. If you change those after a post is published you will generate broken links.

    So, now I’ve warned you. My conscience is clear. 🙂 Hook into wp_insert_post_data or save_post

    Actually, I don’t think it breaks the link anymore. I change slugs all the time, and WP is smart enough to tell the difference. Not sure when this changed, but I know it was just talked about at WordCamp in SF on Saturday. “It just works” was the comment.

    There is a function in query.php that tries to compensate and does do a pretty good. I’ve been playing with it this morning. The system tracks old slugs in wp_postmeta under meta_key ‘_wp_old_slug’. That was much needed.

    I tried your solution since two day and i don’t success. I lost all my hair. Can you give me an example?

    What does your code look like?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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