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    Hi All,

    I’ve added a custom menu in custom sidebar. I need to change the font size of the title in custom menu.

    Could anyone help me on this.


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  • Need a link please

    Found it. Assuming you mean COMPANY PROFILE then try this:

    .widget_nav_menu h3 {
      font-size: 1.5em; /* Adjust */

    Thanks a lot.

    I’ m facing some problem in sub-menu pages. For eg. products-> Product A (menu-sub menu).

    In menu pages, the title of custom menu widget is perfect in size whereas in sub menu pages(product A page), the title of custom menu widget is very small.

    I want to be same in all the pages whether it is a sub menu page or menu page.

    Could you help me in this.

    This is the link for small size of custom menu title.

    I am not an expert…and there are multiple ways of accomplishing changes (even simpler than my ideas)…but…

    Maybe you need to target the specific custom menus like I showed in this topic

    But follow each with an h3 tag…like this:
    aside#nav_menu-2 h3, etc…

    It also appears you have added more custom menu widgets since I posted that, or I missed them the first time…

    So, use an inspection tool, like firebug, to get the proper id’s…

    You may need to use a separate css entry with different font size for the custom menus on the sub-menu pages…I do not know why they are different between the two pages…

    Okay…I think I figured it out…my code I gave you is interacting with rdellconsulting’s…since the code I gave you doesn’t apply to the custom menus on the sub-menu pages, this is why it is behaving differently…so…

    Try this, using rdellconsulting’s method, replace my code I gave you the other day mentioned above to this:
    .widget_nav_menu { font-size: 1.6em; }

    I tried your code. The only difference b/w your code and rdellconsulting’s is in your code “h3” is missing, and it doesn’t work at all, where as if i add h3 it works but only for menu items.

    For sub menus, it is not working.

    @rdellconsulting, could you suggest me something.


    No…do not change rdellconsulting’s code…replace my code I gave you in this post with the new one…

    Thanks a lot, it worked.

    Could you tell me what was the problem in earlier code and the latest one. Just need to know what was happening?

    As I was alluding to above…the way I understand it…

    I wasn’t specific enough with the selectors in the original code…and although visually it didn’t affect the titles, it apparently was doing so behind the scenes…the original code also didn’t include the custom menus on the sub-menu pages (don’t know if you added them later or I missed them)…

    With the introduction of rdellconsulting’s code, the two were both acting on the title of the custom menus on the menu pages but only rdell’s was acting on the ones on the sub-menu pages…

    If both changes were requested at the same time, I would have seen this issue and I would have been more specific with the selectors…I will now know better in the future…I learn new things every day…

    The new code is still fairly generic and both codes are still acting on the title…if you want to make it absolutely proper where each code does its own thing…change .widget_nav_menu to .widget_nav_menu li a in my code not rdell’s…BUT…you will have to change both codes’ em values…

    Okay.Thanks a lot.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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