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  • hihi!

    my website was moved to a new domain, so i need to change the site url. unfortunately, i can’t just change it through options.

    i’m not new to php or wordpress, but i have a lot of limitations on this site – namely, it’s run by a small webhost, so phpmyadmin is not available to me.

    i am currently running mpanel, which is working just fine EXCEPT… i can’t find ‘siteurl’ as a table or option under ‘wp_options’, as mentioned here:

    am i missing something? are there any other ways to fix this?

    the website is


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  • In the wp_options table, you’ll find a column named “option_name”. If you can view the data in the wp_options table, look in that column for siteurl.

    well, apparently mpanel doesn’t have that capability…
    i re-tried installing phpmyadmin, but i don’t think the host runs a current version of php bc i can’t even install that.
    i can’t telnet in, either, because it won;t let me enter a password.

    none of that has to do with wordpress, but… i am very frustrated 🙂

    does anyone know a better script or program that could help me change this one little value? i only need to change three letters!!

    Why don’t you ask your host provider to change it for you? I’m sure they won’t mind. Besides, if they won’t give you SSH access, then perhaps they ought to be doing that for you?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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