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  • The name of my site is Three Rivers Performing Arts. The hum theme puts each word right under the previous one which makes the site title 4 lines long.

    That results in the left side menu links not fitting on the page, and scrolling down is not an option. That is a fixed size.

    My idea was to reduce the px size of the Site title. However, I don’t know how to do that.

    Otherwise, is there another solution?

    I should add that it looks great on some screens, but on small screens like a macbook or my chromebook, the menu is obscured by the dimensions of the screen.

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  • Here’s the temp link:

    Do you have Custom CSS set up on your site ? You can use a plugin like Custom CSS Manager – once that’s set up try adding this – and changing the size to what you like:

    #site-title a {
        font-size: 3.6em;

    I think I do. I use bluehost, and I can enter my build through wordpress, and then I click on:
    Appearance, then:

    This takes me to the CSS. Am I able to make changes right there?

    What has confused me is the I see references to Site Title more than once in my CSS. I don’t know which one to change.

    Under the HEADER reference text I see this:
    #site-title {
    width: auto;
    margin: 0;
    padding: 10px 0;
    float: right;

    #site-title a {
    font-size: 2.4em;
    line-height: 1em;
    color: rgba( 0, 0, 0, 0.2 );
    font-weight: bold;
    margin-right: -4px;
    text-align: right;

    Higher up in the CSS under the Color Animations reference text, I see this:

    #site-title a,
    .entry-meta a,
    #access a,
    .entry-title a {
    -webkit-transition: font-size 200ms, color 400ms;
    -moz-transition: font-size 200ms, color 400ms;
    -ms-transition: font-size 200ms, color 400ms;
    -o-transition: font-size 200ms, color 400ms;
    transition: font-size 200ms, color 400ms;

    Also, is there another way around this? Could I put tabs across the top instead of a menu down the left?

    No, you absolutely should not modify theme files – as your changes will be lost when the theme is updated. Adding a custom CSS plugin is fast and easy and protects your changes.

    You could conceivably modify the the menu – but you’d likely need to use a Child Theme – see:

    If you want a horizontal menu, it’d be easier to find another theme.

    This is very helpful. Thank you. My head has been swimming trying to understand it all.

    So, with a plugin, can I just use the code snippet that you provided or am I going to see the whole CSS file, and I’m going to have to figure out where to modify the site title?

    Hum is a child theme of Twentyeleven

    WP has no grand child theme system, so you can only use Custom CSS plugin and modify (override) this theme CSS.

    Theme is responsive, and it displays header normally ( full span on the top ) in small screen, so you could see to it if you could move the break point.

    Duplicate all the style in certain media query and change the breakpoint.

    I’m sorry, but that lost me.

    Are you saying that Twentyeleven is responsive? I do know that it has the site title across the top.

    Hum does not seem to respond to smaller screens at all. It compensates by obscuring the side menu.

    Duplicate all the style in certain media query and change the breakpoint.

    I don’t know what you meant by this.

    Thank you for trying to help. I do appreciate it.

    Yes, Twentyeleven is responsive and so its child theme too.

    You could see details on how this theme (Hum) makes use of media queries here.

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