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    Hi everyone, I have been researching this problem for a while now and just cant seem to figure it out. I would like to change the side widget title to display as regular/default font and not the H2 font and size set by the Atlas theme. I read many of the support post about this problem, but none seem to do the trick. This one was the closest:

    If possible, can someone point me in the right direction? The website is
    boat smith fl dot com / contact

    The side bar has a mailchimp opt-in form that I would like to make regular font and not h2 and would also like to make the space between the title and input field a little taller.

    Please let me know if you need any code from the site to help out. Thanks everyone for help in advance. Cheers

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    Try using a browser developer tool for this kind of exploratory CSS work.
    I use Google Chrome’s built-in Developer Tool and it’s really easy to expose the webpage’s underlying HTML and CSS.

    Now that you know the style, from being exposed by the Developer Tool, you can add a new style to override it.

    You ought to add new styles externally, not within the theme’s files. Changes to the theme’s files will compromise the theme and be compromised when the theme updates.

    External changes can be made using a Child Theme or through a plugin that provides Custom CSS functionality.

    I recommend using the Jetpack plugin and its Custom CSS functionality to hold your CSS modifications.

    Hi Andrew, thank you for the reply. I tried using Chrome and firfoxes developer tools and normally I can locate the HTML and CSS, but this site was built by another webmaster and it is not using a child theme. I have to just keep going with the theme the way it is. I dug deep into the widget and found the screen.css file that is controlling the css, but when I open the css in DW, it is not showing me the same info. Im pulling my hair out. Can anyone take a look at the page and widget and tell me if I am on the right track and possibly give me some solutions. Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

    It looks like that forms is using cufon fonts — and inline settings for them. So look for some kind of option in your theme that controls that.

    For further help, you’ll really need to go to the theme developer or vendor — as commercial themes are not supported here — partly because we don’t have access to them for testing/use, so something like this is hard to help with.



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    the widget title htlm is normally set when registering the sidebar in functions.php;

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