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  • I’m using the Delicate Theme and have my main sidebar all set up for my pages. However, the theme allows me to list my posts on a categories page and on this page the sidebar has changed. It was displaying ‘archives’, ‘metas’ and other stuff that isn’t even in my main sidebar widget. I went into the sidebar.php and erased everything but what I really want to do is have my main sidebar (as seen on all pages including the home page) be the same on this category page. This is how my category page looks: If you click on home, I would like to add the aweber form and other stuff in the sidebar. Any thoughts?
    I couldn’t find anything applicable in this forum.

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  • This particular theme has a extra sidebar option on the widgets page. If you navigate to dashboard > appearance > widgets you will see two widget-areas, if you leave the second widget-area empty it loads the default widgets from sidebar.php.

    right, but i added some widgets to this sidebar but it isn’t showing what i put in there (maybe because I deleted all the stuff in the sidebar.php?)

    what i want to do though is have my main sidebar show on that page- so how can I do that?

    At first i couldn’t figure it out but now i got. See, this theme doesn’t have a category.php so if you load a category it uses the index.php instead. This means that your category and index should display the same sidebar. BUT however, your permalink-structure starts with the category-tag. It’s advised not to start your permalinks with the category-tag for performance reasons, see the codex: And in this case your permalink-structure is messing up your site. For some reason it’s loading single.php or page.php for the categories thus displaing the SECOND sidebar (the one with all the widgets you didn’t place there). So you need to change your permalink-structure, make sure to update your .htaccess file and copy the sidebar.php back. Now the sidebars will be the same.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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